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Game Garage

Grand Re-Opening on Friday, September 15th.

Introducing the ALL-NEW Game-Based Learning Community: Unlock a Universe of Interactive Learning!

The horizon of education is expanding, and we're at the forefront. Join us this Friday, be a pioneer, and redefine your learning experience. The future of gamified and game-based learning beckons. Are you ready?

Get Ready to Redefine Learning
  • 1056  learners

  • 100 hours

    Video duration
  • 90 minutes

    1st and 3rd Friday
  • 12 Ebooks

    Free of charge
    What you are going to learn

    A few more words about this weekly event.

    Every Friday you can connect and network with like-minded professionals. Surprise and delight await. Each week we explore different types of games and mechanics guaranteed to keep you entertained and engaged. Breathe new life into your instruction.
    Whether low-tech or high-tech, here you will experience gamification and game-based learning at its BEST!

    You will learn:

    • Ideas to inspire creativity. Capture NEW concepts and take them with you to motivate your students or team.
    • An immersion of play and learning. Not a one stop pause and play.
    • How to turbocharge your course design with innovative gamification and game-based learning strategies and techniques.

    The Sententia Team

    Gamification and Game-Based Learning


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